Complete solutions for BRANDING & MARKETING globally

We provide you complete solutions to global your brand; providing following services

  • Market Research
    •  Study your brand, figuring out its SWOT
    • Study KPIs to increase market share within existing market and Region
    • Study the KPIs to make your brand Global or International and Market Extend
  • Branding
    • Will be with you to roadmap Product / Service Extend
    • Fabulous and fastest service of packaging, labeling, communication designing based on study result
    • Help you to figure out the right positioning and product/service placement
    • Provide consultancy on best promotion approach & new Creative advertising ideas to pull your brand awareness within minimum CPT and make it top of consumer mind.
  • Marketing Globally
    • Bring brilliant solutions to media buying, Marketing, Sale & Advertising your product /Service in other markets like Spain, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

Market Research

We provide Market Research services to verify national
market and markets beyond your territory, followings are the services

  • ◆ Brand Study
  • ◆ Competition study
  • ◆ Off take study
  • ◆ SWOT study
  • ◆ Product /Service test
  •  ◢ Centeral location test
  •  ◢ In home/ location visits
  •  ◢ In Home / customer location placement
  • ◆ Concept test
  • ◆ Online survey/ In-depth & Focus group
  • ◆ Offline survey, In-depth & Focus group
  • ◆ Communication /TVC concept
  • ◆ Storyboard test
  • ◆ TVC test
  • ◆ Link test


Some of our clients

Marketing & contributing to sell HOMEOCAN products globally


Marketing & Promoting Balactan products to penetrate in new countries